You may ask, “What’s with this name?  Where did it come from?”  Well sit back and I will tell you the story and a little history.  In 1981 and still a farm boy with more ambition than brains or money, my local bank manager called with a problem and asked if I would help.  The problem, a tobacco share grower had walked off the farm leaving a crop that was not quite ready to harvest.  My friend (because I owed him so much money), needed someone that he could trust to look after and complete the crop.  At this time, I did not know my limitation both mentally and physically and needing the money, I readily agreed to help.  Needless to say, all turned out well or I wouldn’t be writing this history. 

This first little task was just the beginning.  From word of mouth, more jobs started coming in and by 1984 it was becoming a full time job.  I approached a friend and asked if he would like to join in and start a company using my wife’s name Sylvia and his wife’s name Marjory, thus Syl-Mar.  After incorporating and before the first job, my friend had second thoughts, so all the shares were transferred to my name.  The company continued to grow and prosper over the years with experience and also diversification. 

Syl-Mar Management today is a diverse company able to manage all situations, large or small.

by Al Davison

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