AUGUST 29, 2019
written by christine
Syl-Mar Management Group
Unreserved Public Auction
Thursday, August 29th, 2019
at 10:00 am

Consisting of Printing Equipment, Accessories, Tools, Truck, Tow Motors, Hand Pallet Trucks,

Office Furniture, Misc. Items and much, much more…..

SALE LOCATION:  Commercial Print Craft, 1193 Dundas Street, Woodstock, Ontario N4S 8W5

DIRECTIONS: from Hwy #401, take EXIT 236 toward Woodstock, follow Oxford Road 2 to 1193 Dundas Street.

On-Line Bidding Available

Watch for On-Line Bidding & Catalogue


M300 Full Web Press 23 9/16 x 36 System:

Butler 638-ID5 Roll Stand (Splicing, Continual Feed); Harris Graphics T23 Infeed Unit; 6-Harris Graphics M300 Print Units; Baldwin 1290 Automatic Blanket Cleaner; 2-Gator Web Severers; Meg Tec Systems CP-311-40 Heat Set Web Offset Dryer; Rex Power Magnetics Transformer; Main Console w/Siemens & Hope Industrial Systems; Microtrak CCR Web Printing Control; Microcolor II Console System #6684; Graphics Micro Systems/Colour Quick System #6685; Harris Graphics HCR-4 Chill Stand; Web Guide M#20-AC (Alignment System); SPEC Blanket Perf; Monroe Graphics M300 Aux Enclosure; Scheffer Pre Folder; Harris MC-D0044-725 – 4D Folder; Rotocut S/Vits System (Sheeter); Control Panel; Isolation Transformer, CCR Camera

M110 Full Web Press 17 ¾ x 26 ½ System:  Butler B325G Roll Stand; C50 7870/MO 303–I Infeed; 5-Harris Graphics M110 C50 7870 Fa004 Colour Units; Meg Tec Coanda Plus Heatset Web Offset Dryer M#1-CP-215-28.5; Harris Chill Roll Stand; Web Print M#26 Controls/Camera; 3-Drive Units; Gregg Perforating Unit; Harris FM110 I59 Folder; Harris Schriber Sheeter; Baldwin M#122 Count o Veyor; Master Flo Econo 2 Derserter w/Conveyor System; Denby Harris Press Control Panel; Denby Register Control Panel

Ideal-MBM-Triumph 5260 Cutter; Bostitch Stitchmaster Table Mount Stitcher with Optional Stand w/accessories; Cos Phi Automatic Capacitor Bank (600 Rated Voltage); Misc. Motors for pumps on press; Register Motors M110; New Rollers (recovered) for M300; Used Roller Cores; Roller Rack for Spare Rollers; Roller Cores; Schneider Senator Guillotine; Motor, spare 200 hp, wash & bake; 5-Lincoln Pile Driver Pumps; Pile Driver Pump,Core; Hand Pallet Truck for Paper Rolls; Back-Up Box for Computer Controlled Register; Harris Plate Bender; Baldwin Auto Mix, 10L BasicLiner; Shelving Unit w/M110 Spare Parts; Control Panel for M110 Oven; Control Panel for M110 Press; Control Panel for CCR; Spot Pattern Gluer; Epson P9000; 2-Wire Binding Machines; Core Electric Motor for M110 Transformer; Folder; Bender; 5 Hole Punch; OKI DP 40S Envelope Printer w/Toner

GÄMMERLERS:  Gämmerler KL511/1 Folder; Gämmerler KL501/1 Folder; Gämmerler, used for spare parts

COMPRESSORS:  2-Rotary Screw Air Compressors-As20t c/w All Parts & Accessories, 1-240 Gallon Air Receiver, 1-¾” Safety Relief Valve, 1-2 ½” Liquid Filled Gauge, 1-Zero Loss Drain, 2-Kaeser Filler Asembly-Kpf100, 1-Oil/Water Separator

OXIDIZER:  Meg Tec Quantum 4000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer System w/insulated System Fan, Combustion Blower, Ductwork, System Idle/Purge Damper; Control Panel for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer; Pellets for RTO

CHILLER:  Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller, Air Cooled York Condenser w/Recirculating Pump & Automation System

TRUCK:  2011 Freightliner Business Class M2 26’ Tandem Axle Straight Truck w/Cummins 350 hp Engine, 10 speed Eaton, Tail Gate

TOW MOTORS: 2008 Hyster E50XM2 Electric 3 Stage Cushion Tire Forklift w/Cascade Roll Clamp & Charger; 2008 Toyota 7FBCU25 3 Stage Electric Cushion Tire Forklift w/Charger; 1991 Clark FCS20 3 Stage Electric Cushion Tire Forklift w/Charger

LAWN & GARDEN: Snapper 0-Turn Lawnmower; Yard Machine Lawn Mower; Stihl FS91R Gas Power Trimmer;

TOOLS & MISC:  5-Rousseau Tooling Chests w/Tools; 3-Rousseau 6’ Work Benches; Proto Tool Box w/Tools & Top Box; Drill Press; Double End Grinder; Sawzall; Hitachi Circular Saw; Work Benches w/Tools; Work Bench w/Arbor Press & Vice; Steel Work Bench; Waterloo Tool Box w/Tools;  Misc. Bearings & Fittings; 2-Nut & Bolt Bins w/nuts & bolts; Cut-off Saw; Power Tool; Ladder; 14’ Wood Table w/drawers; 3-6’ Rousseau Steel Tables; 2 Door Cabinets; Metal 3 Door Cabinet; 4 Door Wooden Cabinet; Shelving Unit; Banks of Lockers; Parts Washer; Garbage Dumpster; Man Cage; Hand Pallet Trucks; Hyster Hand Pallet Truck; BT Lifters Hand Pallet Truck; BT Lifters; Acetylene Cart & Torches; Acetylene Cart & Guages; Skid Wrapper; Banding Machine; Digital Scale; DEF Container; 2-Sections 10’ Racking; Shelving for Racking; 3-Sections 12’ Racking; Mezzanine Steel 8’ x 20’ w/Stairs; Greaser; HS-65 Series Strapping Machine; Spare Gears; Stand Alone Electric Belt Conveyor; Daltec Vacuum Shredder; Shop Vac; Grinder Drill; Cordless Bosch Guns; 5-Chargers; 2-Beltmaster, Vice; Baldwin Guage; 4-Sets of Roxton Maple Table & Chairs; Microwave, Frigidaire Refrigerator; Victor Safe

OFFICE FURNITURE:  Board Room Table w/8 Leather Chairs; Receptionist Desks; Desks; Cabinets, Book Shelves; File Cabinets; Office Chairs; Receptionist Chairs; Microwave Stand

Terms:  A $500 Refundable Deposit by Credit Card will be required for a bid number. A Buyers Premium will apply.  Payment is due day of sale - Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard & Cheques accepted.   Any announcements Sale Day take precedence over printed material. Syl-Mar Management & their Associates are not responsible for accidents.  All Sales are Final – All Sales in Canadian Dollars.

Viewing: Aug. 28th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Removal Terms:  Qualified machinery movers and licensed electricians are required to have proof of Certification

along with liability Insurance for a minimum of 2 million.

Removal Dates: Thurs, Aug. 29th after sale to 5:00 pm,
 Fri, Aug. 30th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tues, Sept. 3rd to Fri, Sept. 6th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,
Mon, Sept. 9th to Fri, Sept. 13th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
No Saturday or Sunday Pick Up

No items to be removed until they are paid for and the auction is over.

Sale Conducted by Syl-Mar Management Group (Burford)
 Phone: 519-449-3843       Fax: 519-449-3999        
Al Davison Cell: 519-865-3546        Barry Baxter Cell:   519-770-8141


The following are Terms & Conditions for all buyers, their employees, riggers, contractors and agents; (who will be further referred to as “Buyers/Movers/Riggers”) who participate in the disconnection and/or dismantling and/or removal of equipment.  These Terms & Conditions must be adhered to.  All invoice(s) must be paid in full and a Syl-Mar Management employee must initial your invoice before removal of any articles begins.

1.     Buyers/Movers/Riggers are responsible to remove all articles purchased at the sale.

2.    Buyers/Movers/Riggers shall be responsible for:

(a)    Proper disconnection and termination of all electrical, gas, water, and/or air lines to machine as directed by site representative;
(b)    The shearing of anchor bolts flush with the floor;
(c)    The erecting of safety barriers as required where pits and/or holes have been created as a result of equipment removal;
(d)    Repair any holes etc. to that of previous building standards made in external walls and/or roofs as a result of equipment removal;
(e)    The removal, off premises, of all hazardous water and/or oil contaminants contained therein of purchased articles, in conjunction with all environmental laws;
(f)    Leaving your work area in a broom swept and workman like manner;
(g)    Any specific terms or conditions indicated by the Auctioneer at the time of sale.
3.     Buyers/Movers/Riggers must provide to Syl-Mar Management a certificate of insurance of not less than $2,000,000.00 evidencing statutory workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance and automotive and comprehensive liability insurance coverage (bodily injury and property damage) per person and occurrence.  Syl-Mar Management must be named as “First Loss Payee” on the insurance certificate.
4.    Where available, bridge cranes and/or hoists and/or forklift trucks may only be used by certified operators with insurance and only with the expressed written permission of the article’s owner and/or Syl-Mar Management.
5.    A Syl-Mar Management employee must examine all items being removed and check off accordingly on the Buyer’s Shipping Invoice.
6.    Buyers/Movers/Riggers shall be held liable for all costs and damages or repairs to property as a result of their negligence.
7.    No items may be removed until the completion of the auction and invoice paid in full.

Butler 638-ID5 Roll StandHarris Graphics T23 Infeed Unit6-Harris Graphics M300 Print UnitsBaldwin 1290 Automatic Blanket Cleaner2-Gator Web SevererMegTec Systems CP-311-40 Heat Set Web Offset DryerMegTec Systems CP-311-40 Heat Set Web Offset DryerMegTec Systems CP-311-40 Heat Set Web Offset DryerRex Power Magnetics TransformerMain Console w/Siemens & Hope Industrial SystemsMicrotrak CCR Web Printing ControlMicrocolor II Console System # 6684Graphics Micro Systems/Color Quick System #6685Harris MC-D0044-725 4D FolderGämmerler KL511/1 FolderRotocut S/Vits Systems(Sheeter)Control PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl PanelIsolation TransformerIsolation TransformerCCR CameraButler B325G Roll StandC50 7870/MO 303-I Infeed
5-Harris Graphics M110 C50 7870 Fa004 Color UnitsMeg Tec Coanda Plus Heatset Web Offset Dryer M#1-CP-215-28.5Harris Chill Roll Stand, Web Print M#26 Controls/Camera, 3 Drive Units, Gregg Perforating UnitHarris FM110 159 Folder, Harris Schriber SheeterBaldwin M#122 Count o VeyorDenby Harris Press Control PanelDenby Harris Press Control PanelDenby Register Control PanelDenby Harris Press Control PanelMaster Flo Econo 2 Derserter w/Conveyor SystemGämmerler KL501/1 FolderWorker Operator Station for M110Worker Operator Station for M110Worker Operator Station for M110Worker Operator Station for M110Worker Operator Station for M110Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller SpecsTrane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller SpecsTrane 60 Ton Air Cool ChillerTrane 60 Ton Air Cool ChillerAir Cooled York Condenser SpecsAir Cooled York CondenserAir Cooled York CondenserRecirculating Pump & Automation System for Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller & Air Cooled York CondenserRecirculating Pump & Automation System for Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller & Air Cooled York CondenserRecirculating Pump & Automation System for Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller & Air Cooled York CondenserRecirculating Pump & Automation System for Trane 60 Ton Air Cool Chiller & Air Cooled York CondenserIdeal-MBM-Triumph 5260 CutterBostitch Stitchmaster Table Mount Stitcher w/Optional Stand w/AccessoriesRotary Screw Air Compressor-As20t c/w all parts & accessories,Rotary Screw Air Compressor-As20t c/w all parts & accessories,240 Gallon Vert. Air Receiver3/4 inch Safety Relief ValveMeg Tec Quantum 4000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer System w/Insulated System Fan, Combution Blower, Ductwork, System Idle/Purge DamperCos Phi Automatic Capacitor BankCos Phi Automatic Capacitor BankFolderBender5 Hole Punch2-Wire Binding MachinesMisc Motors for Pumps on PressRegister Motors M1002 - Damper Motors for OxidizerGämmerler, Used for Spare PartsNew Rollers (Recovered) for M300Used Roller CoresRoller Rack for Spare RollersPile Driver Pump-CoreRoller CoresHand Pallet Truck for Paper RollsSchneider Senator GuillotineMotor - Spare 300 hp, Wash & Bake5 - Lincoln Pile Driver PumpsCore Electric Motor for M110 TransformerBack Up Box for Computer Controlled RegisterHarris Plate BenderBaldwin Auto Mix- 10L BasicLinerShelving Unit w/M110 Spare PartsControl Panel for M110 Oven
Control Panel for M110 PressControl Panel for CCRControl Panel for RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)Pellets for RTOSpot Pattern GluerEpson P9000Epson P9000OKI DP 40S Envelope Printer w/Toner2011 Freightliner Business Class M2 26 ft Tandem Axle Straight Truck w/Cummins 350 hp Engine, 10 spd Eaton, Tail GateCharger for Clark ForkliftToyota ForkliftHyster Forklift w/ClampCharger for Toyota ForkliftCharger for Hyster ForkliftClark ForkliftSnapper 0-Turn LawnmowerYard Machine Lawn MowerStihl FS91R Gas Power TrimmerDrill PressDouble End GrinderMisc Bearings & fittingsNut & Bolt Bin w/nuts & boltsNut & Bolt Bin w/nuts & boltsCut Off SawPower ToolLadderParts WasherGarbage DumpsterMan CageAcetylene Cart & TorchesSkid WrapperSkid WrapperBanding MachineDigital ScaleDEF ContainerGreaserHS-65 Series Strapping MachineSpare GearsSawzall & Hitachi Circular SawStand Alone Electric Belt ConveyorDaltec Vacuum ShredderShop VacBaldwin GuageBeltmaster, Connecting Belts & ViceGrinder, Drill & DeWalt ToolsCordless Bosch 2-Guns, 2-ChargersAcetylene Cart & TorchesHand Pallet TruckHand Pallet TruckHyster Hand Pallet TruckBT LiftersBT Lifters Hand Pallet TruckRousseau Tooling ChestRousseau Tooling Chest s/tools3 Rousseau Work Benches 6 ft2-Rousseau Tooling Chests w/ToolsRousseau Tooling Chest w/ToolsWaterloo Tool Box w/Tools3 - 6 ft Rousseau Steel TablesWork Benches w/ToolsWork Bench/Arbor Press & ViceWork Bench - SteelTool Box w/Tools & Top BoxTool Box w/Tools & Top Box14 ft Wood Table w/Drawers2 Door Cabinet2 Door CabinetShelving UnitMetal 3 Door Cabinet & Metal 2 Door Cabinet4 Door Wooden Cabinet2 Door Cabinet2 Sections 10 ft RackingShelving for RackingMezzanine (steel) 8 ft x 20 ft
w/stairs1 Sectyion 12 ft Racking2 Sections 12 ft RackingLockersBank of LockersBank of LockersBank of Lockers4-Sets of Roxton Maple Table & ChairsMicrowaveFrigidaire FridgeVictor Safe w/CombinationHoover Vacuum